galCap in (the modCap in girlie patterns-- you choose!)

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the modCap for girls! woohoo! 

and what selection! there's so much to choose from... you might have to pick two!

to choose your pattern, please look at the (extensive!) list of choices in the drop down menu. there are too many to have pics of all in this listing, so you'll need to navigate to the bonnet page for each pattern to see what it looks like. using the search field at the top of our website is a great (and easy) way to see each pattern.

please note that almost all galCaps are sewn-to-order. this means they'll take a few extra days (less than a week), but it allows us to offer you a crazily huge choice of patterns carefully curated from our best-selling bonnets & caps. To view the choices, use the search menu above and type in the name.

Because they are sewn-to-order, these caps cannot be returned or exchanged.

introducing.... the galCaps!!!

you asked and once again we've delivered. you so loved our modCap that you wanted them for your gals, too. viola!

available in a wide range of patters, there's sure to be one here that's perfect for your little one. while the modCaps are definitely boyish, when paired with cute, feminine fabrics, they look smashing on little girls, too! get one for your little sweetie!

these galCaps DO have our snaps-strap chine strap, although they are pictured without it. if you don't want to use the strap, you can snap it together, and slide it up under the edge of the cap.... and it's invisible!

like their boyish counterparts, they are handmade, machine washable, totally functional and guaranteed.

The best and most reliable way to size a hat for your darlin' guy or gal is to measure their head circumference.

Age and/or clothing size is usually not the best way to size for a hat.

Our Bonnets, Caps, and Buckets come in 6 sizes. Our smallest size fits most newborns and our largest size fits most kids ages 4 and up-- and even adults! Buckets and Caps run true-to-size. Bonnets run large. Our winter hats are lined with a thick, warm fleece and tend to run small … so for those, if you’re in doubt, size up.

Our Pixies, Pilots, and wildThings come in 4 sizes: infant, baby, kid, and adult. Again, measuring your child’s head is the best way to determine size.

We normally ship orders within 1-3 business days for in-stock items. But, since we're a small company, sometimes we are a little slower. If you need your order **FAST** please email us and we'll do everything we can to accommodate your request. Remember to add our packing time to the actual time in transit when you’re calculating when your order will arrive.

Once your package ships we'll send another email with a link so you can track your order & know exactly when it'll arrive on your doorstep. If you live in the US, you can expect your order to arrive within about 1 week, usually within 3-5 days. If you're an international client, things are more complicated (and slower) because of both distance and customs.

We offer many options so you can choose a shipping method that meets your needs and budget.

Domestic Shipping Methods:

usps * express * ups

prices increase accordingly.

International Shipping Methods:

first class * priority mail * priority mail express

You can get an exact quote by adding items to your cart and choosing "shipping quote" on the cart page. US orders over $80 automatically ship free unless you need your order faster… and then you can pay for a faster service.

(No reviews yet) Write a Review