Giving Back

UB2 donates at LEAST 1% of annual profits to environmental and social non-profit organizations. 

We choose local organizations that endorse and support our company values of environmental & social responsibility. Below, you can find some information about our donation history each year.  In some years, our donation amounts far exceed the 1% we pledge.  For example, in 2012-2016, total funds given each year came close to 10% of our net profits.  For UB2, think globally & act locally is more than just a slogan.  We support organizations that promote environmental protection, women's rights, human rights, public education, private education, breastfeeding, and children. We will NEVER donate money to an organization whose values run contrary to our guiding principles of environmental and social sustainability.

2018: The Glen Helen Association, the ACLU, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, The Antioch School & more.

2017: The Glen Helen Association, the Tecumseh Land Trust's Jacoby Creek Project, The Antioch School, the Linus Project, PP Action Fund, the ACLU and more.

2016: The Glen Helen Association, K.I.D.S., the Linus Project, and the Le Leche League of Dayton

2015: The Glen Helen Association, children's montessori cooperative, K.I.D.S and MORE!!

2014: The Glen Helen association, the tecumseh land trust, children's montessori cooperative, & bahtki house for women

2013: The Glen Helen association, yellow springs montessori school & The Le Leche League of Dayton

2012: The Glen Helen Association & WYSO National Public Radio

2011: TLT (The Tecumseh Land Trust)

2010: WYSO National Public Radio