Privacy & Other Policies

Ok, so this stuff is kinda boring, but our lawyers made us write it, and they say it's important, too.  If you're wondering what we think about all kinds of official whatnot, this is the place to be!

privacy policy:

we will never, ever sell any of your personal information, including any information gathered through the use of cookies.  you're secrets are safe with us!  here's our extensive (and wholly standard) privacy policy.  We do use cookies in all of the normal and usual ways.  We don't do anything weird with them or violate your privacy in ANY way.  But be warned: we do sometimes eat cookies.  

copyright & trademark information:

the bonnet pattern, unique fabric combinations, all descriptive text, all images (except those supplied by others as part of the project), all slogans, trademarks and all other designs, images, words and materials and the look and feel of the brand and website are copyrighted by UB2.  This work is part of a fine art project, and you may not reproduce the bonnet design except for individual, private, non-commercial use.  Reproduction of the bonnet design, the pattern combinations or any other part of this project without express written permission is not permitted.  You can use pictures on our site for informational purposes, but please give us credit when you do. The gist of this is: please play nice.  Don't steal. Karma is real!

use of images:

all of the images on our site are copyrighted.  some of them are held by UB2, but some belong to the independent artisans who help us with our amazing photography.  you're more than welcome to use our images to promote our products, but you MUST give us credit for the photos you choose.  if a specific artist is listed as a photography credit in an image, you must also credit them when you use our photos.  you may NOT, however, alter any of our images.  

wholesale policies:

We have special policies that apply to our retailers.  if you have questions about anything wholesale, please apply for an account-- and we'll help out with whatever you need!

shipping policies:

Once your package ships we'll send another email with a link so you can track your order & know exactly when it'll arrive on your doorstep. we normally ship orders within 1-3 business days for in-stock items. but, since we're a small company, sometimes we are a little slower. if you need your order **FAST** please email us and we'll do everything we can to accommodate your request. if you live in the US, you can expect your order to arrive within about 2 weeks, usually quite a bit sooner than that. if you're overseas, things are more complicated (and slower) because of both distance and customs.

We offer many options so you can choose a shipping method that meets your needs.  

domestic shipping methods:

first class * priority mail * priority mail express * ups

prices increase accordingly.  

international shipping methods:

first class * priority mail * priority mail express

 you can get an exact quote by adding items to your cart and choosing "shipping quote" on the cart page.

terms of service:

please click here to review our whole, long, extensive, detailed and probably kind of boring terms of service agreement.  if you browse or purchase from our site, you agree to the terms of service, so maybe they're worth a look after all.