Which hat are you?


Our best-seller, hands down.  Classic styling with a vintage-mod flare.  Available in the widest range of solid colors and limited edition patterns to please just about any style.  Our longest brim provides the best frontal & side sun protection available in our line of hats.

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Modern, classic, timeless.  Available in summer and winter versions and with or without poms.  Love the poms?  Choose one center pom or one on each side for a quirky, playful look.  Long snap straps give the look of ties without the hazard or hassle. You can add optional ears and a brim to most patterns. Perfect for boys and girls. This is our best seller for winter.

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The classic bucket shape comes to life with our gorgeous solid combos and limited edition prints. With an extra-wide brim, our bucket hats provide full circle sun protection. Best of all, they’re designed to be fully reversible— the snap straps pull through slices on both sides of the hat so it can be worn two ways!

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Newsboy shape delivered in an extensive range of solids & carefully curated limited edition patterns.  Customer favorite for little boys.  Fit allows hat to pull down fully over the ears for wind & sun protection.  Adjustable snap-strap means babies can't pull our hats off.

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Ear Hats

Imaginative, playful, fun & completely unique.  Finally... a hat your kids will WANT to wear.  Encourages creative play & provides serious all-season protection.  Available with or without a sun brim, and in both summer and winter weights.  Interchangeable ears for even MORE fun.  Extra ears available!

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Long snap-straps with the look of ties, but the ease of snaps. A classic shape made modern, and available with or without a sun brim.  Available in summer and winter, fleece-lined styles.  Adorable all-season protection for every gender.

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Gnome Hats

Quirky & absolutely unique.  Adorable for every gender.  Available in summer & winter styles.  Long brim provides great coverage for discrete breastfeeding & sub protection.  This is our favorite gender-neutral style for sun protection in every season.

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