Staff & sewists.

* colette palamar, owner & creative director *colette palamar

Colette started UB2 in 2008, just 8 months after her daughter, Sabine, was born.  Although the company started by making something fun for her gal, it quickly became more than that-- growing into a serious artistic and creative outlet for Colette.  in those early months of motherhood when she was barely sleeping at all, having a creative outlet was (understatement of the century, here!) really important.  it's definitely one of the things that helped keep Colette happy & healthy while she was figuring out how to be herself & a mom at the same time.  Now Colette leads all of the site photography and design, and she takes care of all aspects of the business.  She no longer sews every hat herself, but she does do all product design.  She's also the designer of our new website... well, in conjunction with some talented marketers and development folks.  But the look and feel is all hers!


* lisa rondeau, customer service lead *

Lisa joined the UB2 team in the spring of 2010.  She thinks of herself as a proud member of the "sandwich generation," raising three children (and a husband :-) ) & caring for her live-in, elderly mother.  

She began with UB2 as a sewist, making both bonnets and dresses.  She still occasionally sews for UB2; each little dress she makes is special to her because it brings back memories of when she was a little girl & her mother made all of her clothes.  Lisa's mom always said you could tell the handmade dresses because of the little touches of love that were put into them; Lisa hopes the girls that wear the dresses she makes can feel those "little touches of love" that her mom taught her to appreciate so many years ago.

Now Lisa is our lead customer service consultant, although she's on hiatus at the moment.  If you contact us for assistance, it's likely that you'll get the chance to meet her!  She also helps us out with trade shows, inventory, shipping, and a little bit of everything!


* hwa cha & jen walti, lead sewists *

Hwa Cha and Jen are a mother-daughter team.  They're great together!  Working out of their home-based alterations business, they have probably made or overseen the creation of the hat you have!  They are the first women Colette hired in 2009, and they've grown with the company over the years.  They now (beautifully!) sew just about every style we offer, and add finishing touches (and quality checks) to the work completed by other sewists in our team.

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