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Handmade in USA. Machine washable. Reversible. Heirloom quality.

Physicians love UB2.

This talented pediatric dermatologist LOVES our hats!

Dr. Mann, an active pediatric dermatologist in Portland, Oregon contacted us unprompted to let us know that she always recommends our bonnets to her patients as an excellent way to protect baby from the sun.  The best feature is, of course, the big brim... but what that ALSO means is that you don't have to slather lots of messy (and chemical-laden) sunscreen on your little one's delicate face. Here's what Dr. Mann had to say:

 "As a pediatric dermatologist, I'm passionate about the importance of sun protection for children, particularly in the first few years of life.  The most effective, safest method of preventing sunburns in babies and toddlers is a good hat (better than sunscreen!) and long sleeves. When my daughter was born, I looked high and low for a bonnet with a big brim and a chin strap and finally came across a winter Urban Baby Bonnet in a local children's boutique.  I fell in love with the cheerful corduroy print and warm fleece lining (great for rainy, cold winters) and was thrilled to find that the brim fully shaded her face on sunny days. She wears the bonnet every time she goes outside and we get compliments on a daily basis. I recommend Urban Baby Bonnets to the parents of my patients because they're the only hat I've found that offers true sun protection for infants and toddlers, and the chin strap keeps them sturdily in place.  And it's such a bonus that they're so stylish!"

 -- Julianne Mann, M.D.


This ER physician sees a LOT of super-bad sunburn.... and she tells folks to use our hats!

Another customer, Jennifer Freedman, contacted us (again, unsolicited!) to let us know how important sun protection is and how much she LOVES her bonnet (for her son!).  She's an Emergency Room physician in New Jersey, and has been shocked by some of the sun-related emergency situations that have found their way into her care. Here's what she had to say:

"I work in an emergency room which serves a varied mix of both urban and rural communities.  This summer has been particularly hot and many of the patients I see have medical complaints related to sun damage from spending long hours outdoors.   Despite using sun protection, many of the patients (especially young children) I see have sun burns--either from forgetting to reapply sunscreen or from inadequate coverage from their hats. Some have such severe damage they need hospitalization.   My infant son was too young to wear sunscreen this summer and I did a comprehensive search of the best sun hats on the market.  We own many sun hats, in hopes of trying to find a product he wouldn't mind keeping on his head. Many of the sun hats we purchased were large, but still failed to have a wide enough brim to shade his face.  Others were so large he wasn't able to see the world around him. The Urban Bonnet offers the perfect mix of sun protection and fashion--truly a product where form meets function. Now when any of my patients ask where to buy a hat which offers adequate sun protection, I refer them to UB2 because of my great personal experience.  I've enjoyed the bonnets so much for my son that I also wear them myself, one for summer and one for winter!"

-- Jennifer Freedman, M.D.


This dermatology PA contacted us with this to say about our UPF 50+ sun hats:

"Sun protection in children is so very important! Much of the sun damage that occurs as people age is a result of sunburns and suntans that happened during childhood. We discovered these hats when my daughter was about 3 months old and she has been wearing one ever since. I tell my patients not to rely too much on sunscreen and instead utilize sun protective clothing and hats. I love Urban Baby Bonnets because they provide good protection for the head and face and are also very functional and stay on a little one’s head! I love that the brim can be flipped back when inside. These are my favorite sun protective hats for children!"
Erin Bateman, PA-C


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