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Handmade in USA. Machine washable. Reversible. Heirloom quality.

Water Play Bonnet in bloom


spiraling, blooming, growing, gorgeous carnival-colored flowers frolic with lime green polkas on this timelessly classic springtime rain hat!

with all the best features of our modBonnet design and a super-easy-care waterproof layer, our macBonnet will chase your rainy day blues away! go ahead! stomp & splash in the rainiest weather, and all the while your little one will be comfy and dry. this isn't some plastic-y, ick-y, cancer-chemical PVC. nope! not from UB2! we searched the world over to find a waterproof layer that was as cute, as soft, and as absolutely wearable as our usual cottons. it was tough, but we DID it! and now you & your little one can reap the rewards!

NOTE: Our macBonnets feature one layer of PUL fabric and one layer of cotton for comfort when wearing.  They are great for the pool since the waterproof layer is on the exterior and most splashing hits that layer and not the interior cotton. 

Should your macBonnet get saturated by water play, simply fold the very edge of the bonnet brim over (about 1/2") and you'll stabilize the brim.  You can do this with our cotton hats, too!


this bonnet can be machine washed and dried, even at hot temperatures. just toss it in with your regular laundry... and viola! muddy hat? clean!

like all of our bonnets, the macBonnets are sewn by hand in the homes of work at home women right here in ohio, usa. be proud of supporting a company dedicated to stateside manufacture and to uplifting and supporting women who choose to work from home.

for puddle-splashing,
frolicking fun in the wettest weather!

when weather gets wet, little ones need some serious protection.  after all, playing in puddles demands gear that can stand up to the toughest rainfall!  thank goodness there's a macBonnet!

our macBonnet is perfect for wet & wonderful rainy days.  so be brave!  go out, get wet!  stomp in puddles all the while resting assured that your little one’s noggin will stay nice & dry.  our great big sun-protective brim also protects from rain!


the macBonnet features:

* a seamless design
* one layer of PUL fabric
* a gorgeously co-ordinating  cotton layer
* all the design flair & awesome fucntionality you’ve come to love from UB2.

our PUL fabric is a 100% polyester knit  backed with a polyurethane laminate.  NO VINYL, ever!  It’s waterproof, soft, pliable, resists wrinkling and can be machine washed and dryed even at high temperatures.  it’s super-durable and will stand up to years of use & laundering.

Choose your size.

Hat Features.

* All of our hats are rated to provide UPF 50+ protection, the highest protection any article of clothing can offer.

* Our hats are reversible.

* They provide discreet breastfeeding.

* The snap-strap means your baby CANNOT pull the hat off.

* All of our hats are HANDMADE by work-at-home women in the USA.

Water Play Bonnet in bloom

Sizing Advice.

Always Measure for the Best Fit.

If you have questions about size, please let us know. 

What size should I choose?

Each of our hat styles fit slightly differently, and therefore, they do have slightly different sizing recommendations.  See below by hat style, and we've done our best to help you decide what size is correct.  In EVERY case, though, the best way to know what size to order is to MEASURE your child's head circumference.  We offer age ranges as a rough guideline but head shapes vary and children, even when "big" or "small" for their age can have widely varying head sizes.  Age is NOT a reliable predictor.

* Bonnets--

Our modBonnets and ecoBonnets are exactly the same except for the choice of fabrics.  Both tend to run LARGE.  Except for the XXS which is designed to *actually* fit newborns, if in doubt, size down.  Our XL bonnet is HUGE and is ONLY for children whose head circumference is above 21".

Our skiBonnets run small.  Sizing up is advisable if your child is at the end of the size range.  The fleece tends to be thick and while we prefer a very snug winter hat (no wind!), not everyone does.  If you're in doubt, size up.

* Buckets--

These run true to size.  If in doubt, size UP.

* Brimless bonnets--

These run true-to-size.  If in doubt, size UP.

* Caps--

Our spring/summer caps tend to run true-to-size or a tad large.  They are designed to fit all the way down on the head, so the edge of the cap is at about the bottom of the ear lobe.  We designed the hats this way so they provide full sun protection for the entire ear.

The caps will appear TOO TALL if you're looking for an above-the-ear fit.  

The caps fit best when worn at an angle, with the elasticized back down below the bulb of the head and the brim up just below the hairline.

If in doubt, size UP.

Our skiCaps run SMALL.  If your child is towards the end of the size range and you do not want a snug fit (snug fits are great for wind protection), then please size UP.

* Pixies--

Our pixie hats run LARGE.  They can be folded back even at the snap point for a smaller and shallower fit.  Stay within the size range or if you're in doubt, size DOWN.

* Pilots & Ear Hats--

Pilots and ear hats use the same pattern.  They tend to run LARGE.  If in doubt, size down.

Ship Times.

Most Orders Ship in 1-4 Business Days.

If you need your hat FAST, though, please send us an email or make a note in your order and we will ship it right away!

Transit times vary but usually are:


2-5 business days

Express mail is 1-2 business days.


First class is 7-21 business days

Priority mail is 7-10 business days

Express mail is 3-5 business days

Keep in mind that these are ESTIMATES, and actual transit times depend on many variables that are out of our control. Thank you for understanding.

Care Guide.

Our Beautiful Hats Can Withstand Lots of Abuse!!

*You *can* machine wash and tumble dry them... but they will shrink, usually 4-6%.  

*We recommend hand wash & line dry.

*Ears on our ear hats should be removed before washing and should be spot cleaned only.

*Poms on our brimless hats should be spot cleaned only.  Use a hair dryer to puff the poms back up to their original loft & softness.

*Wool items can be SPOT CLEANED ONLY.

*Mariner cloth shinks significantly and should be hand washed only.

* Silk items should be hand washed only.

Our Guarantee.

Guaranteed for Life.

We never expect that there will be a problem.  But we're human and our items are handmade.  Every once in a while, a stinker of a snap or an off-kilter seam slips through, even though every single hat is triple checked for quality. 

No matter what the problem is, if you're not happy, we're not happy. It's that simple.

And so, our bonnets are totally guaranteed against manufacturing defects, for LIFE.  Shrinkage, wash fading, and color-bleeding when exposed to pool chemicals or sunscreens of any type are not considered manufacturer defects.

If you have a problem, email us and we'll work with you to make it right. 

Warranty coverage extends even to people you pass the bonnet on to.  They're guaranteed, forever. Once we see the defect, we will repair or replace your hat at our discretion.

Of course, we can't really help if your dog chews up your hat or if you accidentally put it in the blender. 

Please note that because of variability of washing methods, washing machines, water temperatures, previous chemical exposures (i.e., sunscreen) and detergents, we do not guarantee that your 100% cotton bonnet will not shrink or fade or bleed in the wash. 

But if it's something we didn't do quite right, we'll MAKE it right.   

We're proud of our products and we stand behind them.  100%.

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